Tourangeau Mechanical has the equipment and experience to provide your company with an array of commercial plumbing services.

Tourangeau Mechanical Plumbing is your full-service plumbing solution provider. Whether you need plumbing design and installation for your new commercial property or want to winterize unused buildings, our team of expert technicians can help. Our service options include:

Commercial Plumbing Fit-Up

Refurbishment of existing retail or commercial spaces.

New Commercial Construction

Start to finish plumbing solutions for new construction of retails, commercial and industrial buildings.

Seismic Bracing for Plumbing Systems and HWTs

Bracing of commercial HWT and piping as per local authority requirements.

Toilet Installation/Service/Repairs

Installation of new toilets as well as replacement and repairs of all parts (flange, tank, bowl, supply line/valve and seats).

Flush Valve Servicing

Replacement of various internal parts for toilets and urinals.

Sink and Faucet Replacement

Installation and repair of sinks and faucets for retail, commercial and industrial buildings.

Water Meter Replacement

Main and sub meters to monitor water usage of different units and tenants.

Valve Replacement

Replacement of all types and sizes of valves.

Confined Space Entry

All our technicians are trained and certified to complete work in confined spaces.

Specialty Equipment

• Pipe freezing machine up to 2”
• Backflow preventor test kits
• Live tapping machine
• Pipe rotors and locator
• Fire Hydrant Testing
• Portable welding machines
• Confined space area retrieval kit and fall protection gear
• Pro Press tool (1/2” – 4” copper pressure, ½”-2” black iron)

Building Winterizing and Spring Reopening

Preparing 3 season buildings for the winter by completing the necessary preventative maintenance and reopening the system in the spring.

24-hour Emergency

Emergencies can happen at anytime! Tourangeau Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to provide you with swift and efficient service when you most need it.